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ATHG Tactical Instructors

Glenn Cattell - Firearms Instructor, Judo & Self-defense Instructor

NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Training Counselor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and a Judo Rank of Nidan (2nd Black) with 35+ years of study and teaching Judo and Self-defense. Not only an NRA Instructor but as an NRA Training Counselor he is able to certify NRA Instructors, Range Safety Officers and Chief Range Safety Officers. Glenn is a firm believer that as you grow in knowledge you have a responsibility to pass that knowledge on to others. The combined experience of teaching both armed and unarmed self-defense skills and tactics, helps him to present our students with the right mind set, skills and mental preparation for surviving a life threatening encounter.

NRA classes Glenn is certified to teach and certify instructors;

  • Basic Instructor Training
  • Basic Pistol
  • Basic Rifle
  • Basic Shotgun
  • Pistol Marksmanship Simulator
  • Personal Protection in the Home
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • Defensive Pistol
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Chief Range Safety Officer

Jacob Wagner - Firearms Instructor and Self-defense Instructor

MCOLES Certified Instructor and a NRA Certified Instructor

Jacob has 15+ years experience as a Law Enforcement Officer and has 10 years of training LE Officers in firearms including Handgun / Shotgun / Carbine. As a law enforcement officer, he brings a unique perspective to ATHGs civilian students, concerning self-defense and the law, shooting techniques, and tactics.

Danni Cattell - Firearms Instructor & Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Certified Instructor

As a professional educator, NRA certified Instructor, and Chief Range Safety Officer, Danni is able to break down basic and complex skills so students can understand and easily apply new concepts.   With her 20+ years of experience of teaching she knows how to make everyone feel comfortable in the classroom and on the range. Allowing them to make improvements quickly and be more confident.

Justin Day – Medical Instructor & Firearms Instructor

State of Michigan Paramedic and Certified NRA Instructor.

Justin is an active SWAT Medic with 12+ years experience working and teaching in EMS. He spends his time teaching Tactical Medicine and EMS classes from CPR to Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Justin firmly believes that he has just as much to learn from his students as they do from him.

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